sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2007

Colar 23

Material utilizado:
Corrente de argolas (exclusivo BeadClub)
Corrente elos 6 mm
Fio de algodão encerado azul turquesa
Contas de vidro: 4
Argolas prateadas 6 mm: 15
Apertões prateados: 6
Ferrinhos/Alfinetes com argola: 4
Entremeios redondos, prateados: 2

2 comentários:

Cat disse...

dear Casaca,
it's hot here in my island country.
if i could, i want to stay in my refrigerator.

do you sell this product? i guess they are made by you, because i don't understand your language. how about sell them in the internet? see this shop:

casaca disse...

Hello Cat!
Yes they are made by me but I don't have this blog for sells, only to show my work.
Thank you very much for the link. It's a very good link!