domingo, 8 de abril de 2007

Colar 9

Material utilizado:
Corrente cor de cobre, elos de 12 mm 80 cm
Corrente cor de cobre, elos de 10 mm 30 cm
Conta de metal cor de cobre: 1
Contas cor de cobre: 2
Contas castanhas: 2
Ferrinhos de argola cor de cobre: 5
Argolas cor de cobre com 5 mm: 2

2 comentários:

Cat disse...

Dear Casaca, cat's here to meow for you.
were these adornments made by you?
Nice Taste! i am going to look them one by one.
Thanks for your inviting! :-)
Plug this site to me please. Kisses***

casaca disse...

Hello Cat!
Yes, they are all made by me.